Slots For USA Players + Free Games

For many years, the stereotypical view of someone playing a slot machine involved chain smoking and drinking liquor in a shady desert casino. The slots were considered a pleasant diversion, not “real gambling” but eventually turned into one of the biggest draws for those going to a casino. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the shrieks of the novices when the bells ring, the lights flash and the coins come rolling into the lap of an untrained, but lucky, visitor.

Of course, the problem with stereotypes is that they just don’t often coincide with the facts. And now that the internet has made gaming even more popular and widespread, slot machines have become serious business, for players and casinos, both online as well as the brick-and-mortar variety. is designed to help examine everything that someone siting in their living room would need to know about how to enjoy this online gambling phenomenon in a safe and legal manner. Stay with us and we'll lay out everything you need to consider and let you sample some of the games available on the net today!

Can U.S. residents play online slots for money?

Three states – Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have laws on the books which allow online gambling in some form, although New Jersey’s law has yet to be implemented. All of these statutes permit only in-state players and are highly restrictive. So for the vast majority of Americans, the best choice for legal and safe slots that payout in real cash are found at sites which originate in other countries.

We’re going to give you a rundown on some of the most popular online slots sites, where U.S. players are welcome, the games a fun and legitimate, and players can wager confidently, knowing they are doing so in a legal fashion.

WinPalace Casino

While poker players will often drift from one table to another, slots players tend to find a machine and stick with it. With sixty or more choices of slots at WinPalace, finding that special one could be a challenge. But since this very attractive casino site is available legally to residents throughout the U.S., players can take their time and try them all. Each has its unique appeal, through stunning graphics and wild action made possible by the use of RTG software, the recognized industry leader.

Slots lovers know that it’s the bonuses that make the slots attractive. WinPalace knows it, too. Besides the welcome bonus available to new players, WinPalace Casino offers slots players in the U.S. an exclusive 400% match up to $4,000.00, using bonus code 4000FREE. With such generosity at the house level, it’s little wonder that this Caribbean-based casino site is one of the most visited on the web.

Lucky Red Casino

With more than 70 different slot machines at your disposal, a visit to Lucky Red Casino may leave you sleep-deprived. Players in the U.S. will enjoy the lights, the sounds, the motion and the action created by the innovative designers at Lucky Red. This is another site that takes advantage of the cutting-edge RTG software, which not only powers the fun, but also the security. Playing at Lucky Red Casino is safe and legal for players throughout the U.S. And with games ranging from classics like Aztec’s Treasure to more contemporary slots such as Mid-Life Crisis, Lucky Red is also a heck of a lot of fun.

Lucky Red is also generous. Slots players will enjoy the fact that their first deposit, up to $1,000.00, is matched at a 400 to one clip. In other words, your $1,000.00 deposit puts $5,000.00 in your account when you add the bonus code LUCKYRED400. Account set-up procedures are easy at Lucky Red, payouts are guaranteed, and the customer service is second to none. Odds are you’ll agree that this U.K.-based casino site is a winner.

All Star Slots Casino

This site is simply all about slots. While many of the online casino sites available legally to U.S. players include slots as a small part of their gaming offerings, All-Star Slots specializes in slots to a degree that boggles the mind of first-time visitors. With almost one hundred various slots, many slots that can be played without downloading software, offering all the action and excitement anyone could ask for, slots veterans and newbies alike will enjoy their visit to All-Star Slots.

While casinos in Las Vegas may “comp” you with free breakfast, as the All-Star Slots site points out, they do it with cash. Any number of special promotions can always be found at All-Star Slots, and first time players can take advantage of the 100% match on deposits up to $787.00 using the bonus code ALLSTAR1. But the bonuses don’t stop at All-Star Slots, so slots lovers in the U.S. will be well-served to visit, and play, as often as they can.

Loco Panda Casino

As it does in virtually every online gambling experience it features, Loco Panda makes playing internet slots fun and exciting to players in all fifty states. Wild graphics, fast-paced action, and a hundred-plus different slots games makes Loco Panda a slots lover’s dream site for U.S. players. Animation means fun, and logging on to play the slots at Loco Panda will make you feel like you landed in the midst of a Disney movie, thanks to the incredible RTG software you’ve downloaded.

Loco Panda Casino is another of those sites that really appreciates its clients and shows it through a generous bonus. With the bonus code PANDASLOTS, players in the U.S. can take advantage of a 400% bonus that pays up to $4,000.00 to a player with a deposit of $1,000.00. Such a generous comp can only serve to enhance Loco Panda’s already cemented reputation as one of the premier slots destinations for U.S. players looking for legal, online fun.

Bovada Casino

Unless you’ve been in a coma for a long time, you’ve heard of Bovada. This creation of the gaming giant Bodog is the ultimate in online casino fun for U.S. gamblers looking for an exciting place to enjoy their favorite games. It has also been referred to as “the most trusted site for slots”. That’s important, for there are certainly some places you might visit online that are less than reliable and less than legitimate. Bovada, for players in almost all states in the U.S. (residents of Washington state, Washington D.C., Maryland, Utah and New York can no longer set up accounts at Bovada), this site is safe, legal and action-packed.

Slots bonuses are perhaps not as generous as some others advertised, but they are constant and often repeat, giving dedicated gamers a good idea of what they can expect. The 100% match on a deposit up to $500.00 can be redeemed four times, giving the player an effective account push to $2,000.00, using the bonus code SLOTS500. The combination of fair bonus payouts, an extensive library of slots choices, and a first-class reputation make Bovada Casino a must-see when seeking a safe, fun and legal place to enjoy online gaming.

Online Casinos Welcome Bonus + Code Number Of Games Visit
Lucky Red 400% to $4,000 - Code: LUCKYRED400 70+ Slots / 50+ Table Games VISIT
Club World 100% to $777 - Code: BIGSLOT 80+ Slots / 45+ Table Games VISIT
Aladdin's Gold 200% to $2,000 - Code: None Needed 70+ Slots / 40+ Table Games VISIT
WinPalace 400% to $4,000 - Code: 4000FREE 75+ Slots / 45+ Table Games VISIT
Las Vegas USA 200% to $1,000 - Code: USA1000 75+ Slots / 50+ Table Games VISIT
Bovada Casino 200% to $500 (4x) - Code: SLOTS500 60+ Slots / 40+ Table Games VISIT
Loco Panda 400% to $4,000 - Code: PANDASLOTS 80+ Slots / 40+ Table Games VISIT
High Noon 200% to $2,000 - Code: HIGHNOON200 65+ Slots / 45+ Table Games VISIT
Manhattan Slots 100% to $747 (2x) - Code: None Needed 75+ Slots / 40+ Table Games VISIT
Grand Parker 250% to $2,500 - Code: PARKER250 75+ Slots / 35+ Table Games VISIT
Can U.S. residents play slots online for free?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend you do so. Despite the fact that many think playing slots involves nothing more than putting a coin in a slot, there are actually a variety of games and a variety of ways to win at slots, so putting some thought and effort into the learning process can prove invaluable. All of the casinos we reviewed here offer a free slots version. Some will allow you to play without even setting up an account.

Here at, our dedication to not only playing these games, but also helping players find out where to play these ever-popular games has driven us to create what you see today. Check out the game below – pull the virtual handle, and get a feel for what slots players fell in love with when the games were created late in the nineteenth century.

Types Of Online Slots For U.S. Players

As we’ve discussed, the amount and style of online slots games is limited only by the imagination of the sites’ designers. These web-based versions of Vegas’ most popular game have developed a true casino experience for your home-based enjoyment, but it involves more than pulling a handle and waiting for the payout. Let’s take a look at the variety and style of games available to the U.S. player online:

Video Slots / 5 Reel Slots

If you’ve played the slots, you should understand the payline. Keep in mind that betting a buck on twenty paylines is like betting a buck on one payline – twenty times. Obviously, that means that an increase in paylines increases your chances of winning on the first buck. The popular 5-reel video slots feature as many as twenty-five paylines, sometimes more. A great way to watch the action unfold.

Classic Slots / 3 Reel Slots

This is indeed the web-based offspring of the original “one-armed bandit”. Remember the old movies and cartoons where three oranges popped up and somebody won big? Well, that’s basically what you get with a three-reel slot that usually includes no more than one payline. Cheap to play, and still a lot of fun.

Progressive Slot Games

Ready to make some real money? Progressives are the slot expert’s favorite, because the jackpots grow until someone hits it – truly a lottery-style slot game. Found primarily in 5-reel or 7-reel games, these online payouts have sometimes awarded winners with more than a million dollars, but they usually require maximum bets. Remember, the more you wager, the higher the payoff – and the risk. Play responsibly.

Slots with bonus games + free spins

Gamblers online and in the casino love the sound of two words – “bonus” and “free”. Actually, everybody loves those words. Usually found on 5-reel games but sometimes available on 3-reelers, bonus symbols appearing three times provide a player with a “mini-game” that serves to multiply the original bet. Depending on the particular game you’re playing, these bonus symbols can take your winnings to a multiplier of as much as 1,000. Just think about what that does to a simple $20.00 payout. Ahhhh….

Free spins are the most popular type of slot bonus. While free spins don’t necessarily boost your payout, they improve your odds by giving you more chances to hit the jackpot. Free spins are appreciated because they are potentially repeaters- you can earn free spins while using free spins. Odds improving? You bet.

Online Slots FAQ
Is it legal to online slots for free? How about for money?

As indicated, many sites offer the opportunity to play for free, and since most of these sites operate outside of the U.S., federal laws restricting this type of gaming do not apply, so you can enjoy these sites legally.

Playing for money will always require you to set up an account and download the site’s software, whereas playing for free can sometimes be done instantly, and in some cases at casinos that allow you to play slots without registering for an account. But playing for real, as all dedicated gamers know, takes the excitement to a whole new level. But if you rely on and play at the sites we recommend, you can be assured that you’re playing legally at a site destined to provide great casino enjoyment.

How much does it cost to play online slots?

Well, of course it’s free to set up your account, and play the games, if that’s what you desire. Winning cash requires a deposit. Minimums vary by site, and how much it costs to play depends on the number of paylines in the game you select. All is explained at the individual game site of each casino.

If I want to play for real money, how do I deposit?

You’ll be required to provide basic personal information for identity verification purposes, and then you can deposit funds through a couple of methods. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are almost always welcome, and bank or wire transfers can also be used to add funds to your account. Credit is unheard of …don’t ask.

When I win, how Will I get paid?

Hey, congratulations! As a U.S. citizen, you can’t have your credit card account debited by the casino. But you can get paid via bank wire, wire transfer via Western Union or Moneygram, and in some cases, cashier’s check, which takes a long time. Consider all options first when you play slots for real money online.

Are online slots Casinos + Games legitimate?

There is a difference between legal and legitimate. Legal doesn’t make it good, but legitimate is a requirement for a good, honest and fun online site for U.S. players to enjoy the slots. Reputable sites operate and are licensed under the laws of the countries in which they are located. A site that will not provide license or permit information should not be trusted.

Further, slot games at the best sites always undergo rigorous 3rd party testing and re-testing to insure that the games displayed are conducted based on the odds listed. No one wants to play a rigged game. Visit for all the updates on the best places to play.

How Do You Feel About Playing Online Slots Now?

Based on what we’ve discussed today, I think we all agree that the old Vegas stereotypical slots player is not typical at the best online casinos. Slots players love the thrill of the game, the action, the sights and sounds, and the anticipation. They also engage in a bit of strategy. We hope you’ll have a good time at the sites we’ve reviewed and many others, and we’re sure you’ll agree that the most popular game in Vegas is just as popular on your desktop.